A letter to Time Warner Cable: Sucks to suck.

Hey Time Warner Cable,

You caught me at a great time in life. I’m being brutally honest and I’m refusing to put up with nonsense. I apologize that this information comes to you via ‘the Internet’ but I’m really tired of being transferred back and forth between 90 different operators before I get hung up on and no one hears my complaints.

I say complaints because I have received nothing but semi poor and lackluster service since I signed on with you. I know I have a current case open with you all to look into why my internet has really never worked. By the way, I still have concerns I haven’t addressed with you in regards to this…

Like how I’m pretty sure the last time I called about the Internet being a huge issue, and your over the phone care rep informed me that the router you provided me with, the one that I pay that fancy new ten dollar a month add on fee so you’ll keep fixing my internet, wasn’t even suited to sustain and provide the “Turbo Internet” I had been paying you sixty dollars a month for.

A product, that I pay for, that technically has never in the time I’ve had it, been working properly. And then, how after I made him confirm that statement several times over the phone and transfer me to a manager, I was told:

“No, he’s wrong, I don’t know why he would tell you that. Just bring your router to be replaced. It’s definitely a problem with the router. Definitely.”

Which kind of, now that I look back after some time, sounds like…

“oh whoops, I don’t know why he would inform you we made an error so monumental. It would really suck to have to reimburse you. Pretend he didn’t say that and bring the wrong router back so we can give you the one you should have had all along and never make up for our oversights or mistakes.”

So look, I wanted to keep you up to date with my most recent and likely last complaint ever. Attached are photographs of my basement:





You may notice a ceiling panel on the floor, dirt, wood chunks and particles, as well as general disgustingness, and wires hanging out of my ceiling. Could you even tell me why the wood from the beams under my floorboards is covering my basement floor?

Do you often take chunks out of houses when you do anything at people’s residence?

I have attached these because I want you to know how my house was left by your technician the day he came to fix my internet for the bazillionth time.

I should note that I was not present for the visit because I have to work, to earn money, to pay you for your goods and services that don’t work. However, my friend, who was staying at my house for the last month and a half was, and he was not in the basement while this all occurred, nor was he notified that the mess was there, or the ceiling tile, etc. Also, not that it mattered, but he did some work in my laundary room and knocked all of my nicely folded clothes onto the dirty floor. I suppose it’s my fault for not putting them away in a timely fashion and leaving them on my washer…but I figured it would have been picked back up, and not like…ya know…

…left all over after it got knocked over.

I would say at this point that I am surprised but I am really not. It’s funny to me, and comical in a way that you speak so highly of your customer service and all I hear from people is the opposite. I didn’t take the survey from my visit because honestly, it doesn’t seem to do any good to call you with issues to begin with.

Look, I’ve done you a huge solid here by sending this message privately, because not that one person would make a huge difference, but we live in an age of social medias and re-shares. While your twenty dollar credits here and there are fantastic for when I, well I don’t know, want to go buy myself a dinner at Olive Garden, your service, your customer service, and your products are terrible.

I don’t want to have to make things like this public (whoops…sucks to suck), and if by the off chance I don’t hear back from you regarding this, and I can actually get your usually spotty and non-working Internet service to hold steady for a bit, I will probably put it on the Internet, and I’ll probably try to make sure everyone sees it.

Because I mean let’s face it, what do I really have to lose…other than the wonderful service I have received from you since I signed on.


Alex Foster: Disgruntled customer number 678,342 I’m sure.